Psychiatry Aids Family Violence Perpetrators

We must dump the system of psychologists and psychiatrists, especially the one who make a living testifying in court. They are tools of abusers, pawning themselves off as friends of victims. They are shifting paradigms and creating social policy by infiltrating our legal and educational systems. (see Psychology and Parental Alienation: Closer to Science?)

You want your problems to go away? Call a shrink. He/she will give you whatever it is that you've been seeking. Psychology has long victimized people by pretending to understand humans better than humans understand themselves. Psychology doesn't allow self-reflection but rather re-frames people's thoughts around socially accepted dogma and ideas that aren't in their own best interest. Psychology may be the biggest brainwashing experiment ever invented.


(emphasis mine)

As a childhood [electro]shock survivor, whose mother was mentally murdered by [electro]shock (women have long been prime targets) it's impossible for me to communicate the depth of cruelty, arrogance and demonstrable criminal complicity of psychiatric shock pushers who have KNOWINGLY inflicted brain damaging treatments on unwitting patients/victims as a routine practice under fraudulent consent.

My mother (and, later, I) was "diagnosed" with "depression," as if we had some kind of short circuit or demons in our brains that caused irrational delusions of misery. The reality was that we had excellent reasons for being miserable: we lived with a brute (my father), who was emotionally and physically abusive to the entire family. My father hired a psychiatrist to "fix" us, which meant to suppress the overt symptoms of our discontent, so that my father could maintain the myth of his own normalcy. Since the psychiatrist was hired and paid by my father, he of course had a profound conflict of interest between his duty to his "patients" and his wallet. He chose to blame the victims.

We were subjected to [electro]shock “treatment.” My mother had dozens, later I had 6, when I was 15. It was the most unimaginably devastating catastrophe I've ever experienced. I've been picking up the pieces of my life ever since.

My mother (of 4 young boys) killed herself soon after her treatments. I understand completely why she did it, and I don't blame her. As for myself, instead of finishing the job the shrink started, I've been trying to make a life for myself while dragging around a lifeless child-corpse inside of me, as if my Siamese twin had died.

In a larger context… studies show that somewhere between 50 and 80% of psychiatric inmates have histories of domestic abuse victimization, and more than half have a diagnosis of "depression" (i.e. internalized oppression). Assuming a society-wide domestic abuse victimization rate of 20%, this means that domestic abuse victims are between 4 and 16 TIMES more likely to be committed than non-abused people.

If psychiatry was a science, it would be shouting this discovery from the rooftops and congratulating itself for finding a major cause of depression. But it's much more profitable to simply drug the victim and thus help to perpetuate the cause of the problem.

Since familial abusers tend to be the same people who initiate [psychiatric hospitalization] committal in a family, psychiatry's main business model seems to be to provide enforcement services to domestic abusers, while taking the abuse to a whole new level. So the "diagnosis" we received from the shrink turned out to be an economically self-serving rationalization for the status quo and a value judgment which placed the "man-of-the-house" rights of my father above the human rights of the rest of the family. The social pathology and misogyny implicit in all this should be self-evident. Research in the UK has shown that [what gets labeled] “Schizophrenia” among black people is strongly linked to social oppression rather than genetics. In short, it appears psychiatry has made a science of fraud and human rights abuse on a massive scale.