Canadian Therapists and Lawyers Want to Limit Your Right to File Charges Against Assessors in Child Custody Cases

As if it weren't hard enough to get some sense of justice in the court system, particularly family court. Now the court whores and their supporters want to further limit what you can do in your court case. And, they are re-framing the issue as a "major social and legal problem"...because if they say it, then it is so. Here is what the group proposes as possible solutions:
-Require that a judge approve any disciplinary complaint, ensuring that it is more than merely an attack on the assessor's conclusions.
(yeah, because the judge doesn't come with his/her own set of biases. good one!)
-Require that the complaint be approved by both parents, again making it less likely the grievance will be just another appeal by the losing party.
(yeah, because the "high conflict" cases in which court whores are typically utilized, the parents are good at sharing in the decision-making. great one!)
-Set up a vetting process within regulatory bodies that would throw out vexatious complaints before they are formally investigated.
(yeah, because another body of persons [who will be likely friends of these court whores] will better be able to determine what is vexatious, or not. best one!!)

If Canadians let this one fly, they can kiss their rights good-bye! See article here.