'Killing Me Softly' Will Never Have the Same Meaning

Director of 'Killing Me Softly' Fugees Video Charged with Impregnating 3 Daughters, Rapes All 5

By Ruth Manuel-Logan on Mar 12th 2010 2:24PM

The man who was accused of allegedly raping five of his daughters, three of whom who bore six of his children is finally unmasked. He is award-winning director Aswad Ayinde, aka Charles McGill. Ayinde is most noted for directing the "Killing Me Softly" video by The Fugees.

The 51-year-old director, who also describes himself as a soft drink entrepreneur, faces 27 charges, including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, lewdness, child endangerment, aggravated criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual contact and the list goes on. Ayinde is also being held on a $1-million bond.

There are five trials scheduled for each of the daughters he allegedly raped and abused. The first begins next month, according to prosecutor Lisa Squitieri. The daughter's names have not yet been released, and their present whereabouts are unknown.

The serial malcontent, prosecutors state, is a religious fanatic, who is obsessed with creating a pure bloodline - his reasoning for raping his children. The majority of the alleged molestations took place in an abandoned East Orange, New Jersey, funeral home, where apparently the family had squatted for quite some time. Court records state that the Ayinde girls were violated from the 1980s to 2002.

Ayinde allegedly beat his children in to submission incessantly with objects like wooden boards. According to police reports, he even used steel-toed boots to kick them. The children, who were home-schooled, never attempted to escape or alert anyone of their nightmarish situation. Ex-wife Beverly Ayinde, who has nine children with the offender, claims she would have been beaten if she even uttered the word "pedophile." Yet the woman never turned her demented spouse into authorities the rest

I want readers to know that in cases like this, often times the mother gets charged for crimes as well. It doesn't matter if she was a victim herself. Furthermore, it seems that social services had been investigating this family at one time or another, and yet these disgusting actions were somehow allowed to continue. Social services...child protective services....they serve to take your children, and get government money for it. They rarely help or protect children when it really counts, particularly when intrafamilial sexual abuse is involved.

Check out this case in Britain:

Care failings allowed British Fritzl to get daughters pregnant 18 times

* Father abused daughters over 35 years
* Family seen by over 100 professionals
* Social services apologises to women

A MAN raped his two daughters and fathered nine babies with them during 35 years of physical and sexual abuse.

And he escaped detection because care professionals missed numerous chances to intervene.

Agencies involved with the family repeatedly failed to take action even though the father was accused of incest on seven separate occasions, with a further 12 reported incidents of violence.

Today authorities issued an unreserved apology to the abused women.

The 57-year-old man, from Sheffield, England, was jailed for life in November 2008 after one of his daughters accused him of incest.

The man, who cannot be named, admitted 25 rapes and four indecent assaults, with the attacks beginning in 1980.

If his daughters refused his advances, they would be punched, kicked and sometimes held in the flames of a gas fire.

The case echoes of that of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian who imprisoned and raped his daughter.

Between 1975 and 2008 the family came into contact with 28 different agencies and more than 100 more here

Believe the children.

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Singing my life with his words,
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l boogie up in here (u know how we do)

One time, One time, (one time) hey yo L you know you got the lyrics

I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style,
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And there he was this young bwoy, stranger to my eyes,

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