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"A key contributor to the FF’s The 12 Point Plan, Meuhlenbeg claims that “85 per cent of sole parent families are fatherless families” (Fatherhood Foundation 2003, Appendix), when in fact 83% of sole parent families in Australia are headed by a woman (ABS 2003)."

These two statistics state the same thing: for a "fatherless family" means that the father isn't around: or that the parent is a mother. and that your "when in fact" statement is simply an agreement of the former (85% statistic).

Also, with regard to Male Suicide, there are some fairly good statistics. Below is a link with more info.

You also seem to downplay the importance of Fathers in their children's lives.

I also realize that some fathers are criminals, or don't really care, but also that MANY of them do care: but are FORCED out of their Children's lives by angry moms and a cohort of Crooks. I know because I am one of them.



for more information.

I have also read Sanford Braver's Book, as well as Alec Balwin's and most of Dr. Farrell's.

You also seem to have a LOT of anger toward fathers who simply want to be a part of their children's lives.

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Randy B.

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Posted by Randy B. to Randi James at Apr 28, 2010 4:34:00 AM


Dear Reader,

"Fatherless" needs to be defined, and not all "single mother" households are created equal. This is how father's righters like to spin information--by not qualifying or quantifying it. Is a family in which the "father" is on float, overseas, serving a long-term duty, etc. fatherless? I mean, the parents are still "together" and all...If the father of some mother's children has another family, he can't really spend half of his time with each, while he is with one family, is the other family "fatherless"? If the dad is a truckdriver, leaving mom at home most of the time with the kids, are they "fatherless"? If dad and mom want to live separately, and always have, are the kids fatherless when their with mom, and motherless when they are with dad?

So what does it mean that a father isnt' "around"?

Regarding men and suicide, no one is looking for "fairly good" statistics. What is happening with said statistics has already been explained.

I'm not downplaying the importance of fathers in childrens' lives. First off, I didn't write this piece. Second, there is nothing special about "fathers' per se--I AM saying just that.

Yeah, yeah, I'm glad you realize that some fathers are this and that. Just as fathers are "forced" out of their children's lives, so are there fathers who will blame any and everyone else for why this is happening.

I'm glad you read books. Has this gotten you any closer to your children and repairing that relationship? Or will you continue to blame the system and/or your ex-wife/girlfriend/babymama? Warren Farrell never even fathered any kids--does that sit well with you (not to mention the pro-pedophilia stuff)? Sanford Braver's research has been misused often. And Alec Baldwin...geez if these are your role models, I feel sorry for your kids.

Get off these other people's theories and stop paying your hard-earned money and figure out how to reconnect with your kids by your damn self. You're wasting valuable time.