Deadly Mortgage Debt and Other Stupid Shit the Media Reports

We can all agree, at this point, that the economy causes men to kill their ex-girlfriends, girlfriends, ex-wives, wives, children, step-children, extended family, strangers, and even animals, right?... because that's what the media has been telling us for AT LEAST the past year.

Also, we can all agree that neighbors are the go-to people as a source for inside information on these killers. Neighbors know EVERYTHING: whether he got in arguments with people, whether he always had a smile on his face, whether he played with his kids in the yard, if he had shit stains in his drawz, what position he fucked his wife in, what his kids in Japan looked like, etc.

Finally, we can all agree that most of theses killers were fine, upstanding men, with no obvious problems in their work, family, or other lives.

So, how the hell can a woman, or any person, keep themselves safe during economically depressed times, or, during any time in which some individual man may be experiencing financial hardship? How can we keep ourselves safe from things like this:
Unspeakable, Horrific Scene: Father Sought
June 17, 2010 - 9:54 AM | by: Molly Line

Police are looking for Thomas Mortimer IV after his family was found murdered in what prosecutors are calling an "unspeakable" scene.

The bodies of 2-year-old Charlotte Mortimer, her brother 4-year-old Thomas 'Finn' Mortimer V, their mother Laura Stone Mortimer, 41, and her mother, the children's grandmother, Ellen Ragna Stone, 64, were discovered yesterday morning following a forced entry well-being check conducted at the family residence at 2 Windsong Lane in the quiet Boston suburb of Winchester, Massachusetts.

"They went to that home because they were concerned relatives. They had not been able to have conversation with the family members in that house since Monday night," said Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone.

Prosecutors would not say how the family was killed and investigators remained at the home this morning, yellow crime scene tape marking out a perimeter in the upscale neighborhood.

"After having been in that scene, I can tell you, after making observations of that scene, it was horrific, disturbing and unspeakable and the acts do not appear to be random," said Leone.

Police are not saying where Mortimer IV may been or where he could be headed.
Until recently the father of two had been unemployed but several weeks ago he got a job doing sales for a technology firm. He didn't show up to work on Tuesday.
Look at this comment on the updated article:
Elaine: I personally know this man....he's a kind, gentle man. Something horrible must have happened to have caused him to do this....if he did it.
Okay, Elaine. Thank Goodness you weren't married to him, huh?

And how about this:
Cops: Dad's Murder-Suicide Leaves Boy Critically Injured
Updated: 5 days 4 hours ago

Tori Richards Contributor
AOL News

ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 15) -- A 3-year-old boy is clinging to life after being shot several times, allegedly by his father, who apparently turned the gun on his wife and himself in a murder-suicide that some reports suggest could have been brought on by mortgage debt.

Though the incident occurred Sunday night, the grisly scene at the family's suburban home went undiscovered for 14 hours, as the boy cowered in a pool of blood behind a backyard trash can and his uninjured 5-year-old brother hid inside the house, police said.

"The [older] boy remained in the house hiding throughout the evening and into the morning hours," Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez told AOL News. "He didn't know what to do."

After the father failed to show up for work Monday at the family's auto repair facility, a co-worker arrived at the home around 10 a.m.

"The 5-year-old answered the door and said, 'My mom and dad have been shot,' " Martinez said. "The worker was with his wife and told her to call 911."

The family's names are not being released by police because they are having difficulty locating relatives to make a death notification. The younger boy remains hospitalized in critical condition, and the older boy is in the care of social workers.

An anonymous person called 911 at 8 p.m. Sunday to report gunshots in the area, but responding patrol officers could not locate the area where it happened. The single-family home is in the vicinity of several businesses and an apartment complex.

Police theorize that the 54-year-old man shot his 39-year-old wife in the head as she sat in a chair in the backyard, fired at his 5-year-old son who stood in the doorway of their home, and then fired several shots at the younger boy, who was also in the backyard standing near a swimming pool gate, Martinez said.

The younger boy was struck in the chest, stomach and shoulder before the man shot himself in the head, Martinez said.

"I'm sure the woman never knew what was coming, she was still sitting in the chair," Martinez said.

Martinez said detectives are working on the case, "trying to determine what [the man's] true comprehension of reality was. We didn't have any previous calls that I know of relating to domestic violence."

A public records search shows a possible motive, however. The Orange County Register reported that the couple was deep in debt, borrowing against their home five times and recently taking out a $462,000 loan. They were behind in mortgage payments and faced foreclosure, and owed another $26,000 on credit cards.

KABC-TV interviewed a customer at the auto repair shop who stated the wife planned to leave her husband if he didn't stop drinking and that she feared for the safety of her children.

In the family backyard today, a beer can stood on a patio table and a dozen more were inside a plastic grocery bag leaning against a wall. A bloody stain was in the center of the patio, feet from a green plastic child's play car. Other toys were strewn about, along with old car parts and miscellaneous machinery.

Neighbor Ramon Maldonado told AOL News he wasn't aware of any problems between the couple.

"I worked for him for several years, but got laid off because business was slow," he said. "He'd pick me up every day and we'd go to work. His wife went, too, and the kids. The oldest boy didn't go to school."

Maldonado said the father "was a nice guy" and he never saw a violent temper. "I was shocked when I heard about this," he said. "I knew he had guns in the house because he told me. I didn't think anything of it -- he said the guns were there to protect his family."

Never mind the part about what the wife disclosed, the debt motive is much more interesting. Let's read it again, it was so hard to miss amidst the rest of the article:
KABC-TV interviewed a customer at the auto repair shop who stated the wife planned to leave her husband if he didn't stop drinking and that she feared for the safety of her children.
So, what are some things you can do to keep yourself and everyone else alive?:

Don't live with a man who is paying a mortgage--one day he may be in mortgage debt and he may kill everyone.

Don't buy a house, with a man--one day you may be in mortgage debt and he may kill everyone.

Don't associate with anyone who has a man with a mortgage--one day he may be in mortgage debt and he may kill everyone.

Never let the unemployed man become a primary caretaker babysit your kids--one day, he may decide to kill them.

Never let the man become unemployed--one day, he may decide that everyone no longer needs to live.

Consider managing all of your family's finances in secret. Never disclose hardship to the man--lest he decide that everyone no longer needs to live.

Should the man become unemployed, utilize all of your resources to help him become employed again, even if that means quitting your own job to help him find work. What's more important, your employment, or your life and the lives of everyone else?

Perhaps you should consider eliminating the man from the picture?

And to everyone else, a t-shirt?