Fathers Responsible for Children's Health Insurance

In most states that I have been aware of, when the mother's child support case is handled through Child Support Enforcement (CSE) (mainly when she receives any type of welfare benefits), the father is made responsible for covering the children's health insurance. In my own experience, this was not specifically enforced and the kid just got Medicaid anyway--no money out of my pocket. If there happened to be past/ongoing medical bills, that expense was calculated into the child support formula if mother had been paying it.

But here's another case.

Father and Mother reside in different states.
Children live with the mother.
Father pays child support.
Father is responsible for health insurance.
Mother takes the children to the doc for xyz and pays a decent co-pay.
Mother finds out shortly afterward, that father's health coverage has a $3000 deductible (before ANY health coverage is paid, and thereafter 80% is paid), of which, $0 has been paid thus far.
Children are NOT eligible for Medicaid because the father has them "covered."
Mother cannot afford to buy health insurance for herself or her children.

This is considered reasonable?

Not to mention father was fully aware of his coverage all along.
Not to mention the father is dragging his feet in providing necessary information regarding the insurance company and plan.
Not to mention the insurance company will NOT talk to the mother because she isn't the policy holder.