Part 3: Questions for Richard Warshak and His Parental Alienation Syndrome...or Divorce Poison...or Whatever

If "parental alienation" existed in the the intact family (which you theorists have verified that it does occur in absence of divorce), why should it be such a focus now that the parents are separated/divorced?

And who are you going to rely on to tell you the truth about what occurred within the family:

the "alienated parent" who may have an agenda,

the "alienator" who has no obligation to tell you a damn thing,

the child who YOU are now "bringing into adult conflict,"

or people outside the family who often don't have a clue what is going on (as evidenced by the many murders that occur where the neighbors and community thought that the perp was such a nice guy

If no counseling was mandated during the relationship why should it be ORDERED after one? How does this not step on parental/family and children's rights?

And don't you think this is creating a big business for the court system? For example, in some states, parents must attend a mandatory divorce class before the paperwork is finalized. Who is raking in all this money?