We'd Like To Give Fathers Their Rights Back, But First We Need to Figure Out Who Took Them Away

I am always so excited when Barbara Kay has an article published. She is so truthful and factual in her support of father's rights. Let's take a look:

We have British Columbia's first review of family law in B.C. since the Family Relations Act came into force more than thirty years ago. Their July "White Paper on Family Relations Act Reform" (accepting submissions until Oct. 8) contains progressive draft legislation and policy proposals: It recommends stepping away from courts and the adversarial model in order to "adopt a conflict prevention approach to family law disputes" and urges making "children's best interests the only consideration in parenting disputes."
Damn this is really groundbreaking. I am totally impressed that it took 30 years to come forward with this information. I mean, who knew that children's best interests should be so exclusively focused on?
Next up is the Green Party's unequivocal adoption of a policy of equal parenting at their August convention. By my reckoning that means every single federal party is on board with the idea that both parents have the right to maintain a strong, loving bond with their children, established through credible sociological research as necessitating 40% of the time with children beyond infancy.


Get You A Florida Guardian Ad Litem Today!

Nationwide studies have proven that the judges follow our recommendations 80 to 90 percent of the time..."
Oh really?
"The court decides the fate of children who are victims of neglect or abuse. In such cases, both the mother and father are each represented by a lawyer, one the state is required to provide if they can’t afford it."
Well, except in family court--if you are a parent and you don't have a lawyer, tuff fucking luck! Don't mention any abuse or neglect of yourself of your children, at the hands of your partner, because then your children will be removed from your care. But that's another story.


Missing Child Turns Father In to the Feds

You never know how your kids will turn out. You give your life for them and sometimes they turn around and stab you in the back. A now adult child discovered that he was on the missing kids list. It has been 17 years since his mother has seen him. This man decided to turn his own father, Stephen Palacios, in to the federal authorities. What an ungrateful individual. Even his father's attorney, PAUL NUGENT, knows that dad acted out of love and did what was best for his son. Perhaps the son is delusional and suffers from parental alienation syndrome disorder. Thank goodness they live in Texas where they can all get mental help from the Hoch's Rachel Foundation.


Please Let Fathers Keep Custody of Their Children, Or Else They May Kill Them

Keep in mind that this is The New Randi James

In Texas, two girls and one boy were recently shot to death by their father, Mohammed Goher. (This really isn't news and this isn't a special case, it happens all the time.) The father was a convicted wife beater. The father had previously threatened to kill himself if he lost custody of his children. The children's lawyer, SYED IZFAR, was about to testify in support of the father receiving standard visitation (...whatever "standard means"...the children were already visiting him on the weekends...) because the father looked like he loved his kids and he didn't think that he ever harmed them. Good enough. The past with the wife is the past. They are divorced. You can't hold that against the man. And the you can't expect the kids' attorney to know everything...or Judge A. ROBERT HINOJOSA.

No More 'Mommy and Me' So Let's Go for 'Fit Guardian and Me' Classes

Those "Mommy and Me" classes are so exclusionary. What's with all this stuff for moms only? We have fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, step-parents, babysitters and other persons who are caregivers of children who would benefit from these classes.

There's a famous quote by Gloria Steinem that I think is worth repeating here: "Women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it." So ladies, forgo the post-partum bleeding, stitches from vaginal tears and c-sections, fatigue, depression, breastfeeding, nipple soreness, hormonal and weight changes, and get off your asses and stop NOT allowing your man do his share of the parenting. Do not deny his fatherhood role. Skip the maternity leave and donate it to your man and get back to working outside of the home. Please stop excluding men and fathers from activities with children if you ever really want that feminist equality of which you speak.

Special thanks to the "non-militant" father's rights promoter, Dana H. Glazer, for opening our eyes to this blatant form of discrimination and misandry.


New Blog, New Paradigm, Shit is Changing in Domestic Violence

In the next few days I'll be changing things around. I have a new outlook on domestic violence that I would like to share. This outlook is pretty much supported by our U.S. government, the institutions therein which include the people who make up these institutions and mainstream society at large.

I urge you not to get upset with me and not to try to censor this site. The old material will remain but has been pretty much useless to this point. There won't be as much elaboration as I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands. I'm going to utilize media to support my paradigm shift and then you all can discuss the findings here in the comment section.

It's time for some catchy, honest, new shit.


Depression in Mothers, not Fatherlessness, Do You Get It Yet?

Frankly, I'm tired of blogging domestic violence. I'm tired of blogging homicide news. The picture is so bleak because it is multifaceted. The d.v. "industry" is about getting grant money for salaries and trainings and doing the [important] front end work of sheltering abused women who seeking shelter...but they stop short of telling women what happens afterward when she is forced to continue some sort of relationship with her abuser for the sake of the best interest of the children according to a corrupt family court system and a government that is concerned with the advancement of fathers men.

Our society is structured so that everything is women's fault, or at least we are lead to believe it is as such. Women are not capable of anything great in the absence of a man. [Black] women cannot be successful and career minded without fear that she will be single and without a [Black] man. Women can not be successful mothers and raise great children in the absence of a, not just any man...he must be the biological father. Any woman who is a lesbian must be choosing to exist as such because of bad relationships with men. A woman/girl experiencing relationship malfunctioning or juvenile delinquency must not have had a father present in her life. Is this the only way we can view the world?

Fatherlessness is such a crock of shit and I pity people who actually believe in it hardcore. Has anyone ever stopped to think that these horrible single mothers out here are fucked up because the fathers of their children left their lives in shambles? Has anyone ever considered that these children are ignorant and delinquent because of their father's bloodline/genes?

Here is the beginning of an article that I thought was notable:

How Depression Harms Low-Income Moms And Babies

Over half of babies born in poverty have depressed moms, and these moms rarely get treatment — revealing yet again that one of the groups most in need of mental health services is least likely to receive them.

According to Donna St. George of the Washington Post, researchers at the DC-based Urban Institute found that more than 50% of babies in poverty have a mom with some level of depression, and one in nine are born to severely depressed moms (rates are lower, though still high, in the general population, with 41% of moms reporting some depression, and 7% suffering severely). Low-income moms are also unlikely to get treatment — only 30% of those with severe depression had talked to a therapist in the year the study was done. Unsurprisingly, this has an impact on babies — for instance, depressed moms are less likely to breastfeed. Says study co-author Olivia Golden,>>Read the rest here
The general premise of this article is on point. Where I am in disagreement is with most stuff involving the "mental health" industry because, yes, it is yet another industry and as such, it will prey on low income persons, people of color, and children. For example, it seems like every [male] Black child in the State of Florida has some mental health condition for which he/she receives special education and maybe a state check. Diagnose, label, stigmatize. Does the problem change? No. Are there real solutions? No. You know what? Poor people who don't want to be poor but cannot see any end in sight are likely to be depressed. If these poor persons are mothers, this depression is going to affect the children. This is not rocket science. These children will not be raised the the best abilities of what White middle class society thinks they should be. They may or may not be raised with depends on how many mental resources the mother has. And no, a ticket to receive mental health counseling isn't going to cure the poverty. It may get her some drugs and some talk therapy but what resources will this mother acquire to help her be able to care for her children in the way that she needs to? In the way that she wants to?

The only part of this that may have to do with fathers (other than the genes) is the absence of monetary support. This is about money. Fathers are not essential, especially if they do not come with money (or child caretaking skills).

I really can't think of anything more depressing than being poor and trying to raise your kid the best that you can...and then having the Administration of Children and Families, Child Support Enforcement segment come in and regulate your child support case and tell the father that ran out on you and your child[ren], or beat you, or cheated on you, hasn't done shit for you but get in the way, come in and take you through the court system to share custody of your children for the sake of his fatherhood, while you try to deal with all this new shit AND the old shit.