Why Do We Need Domestic Violence Shelters?

Have you ever asked why we need domestic violence shelters? We have many shelters for women throughout the U.S., and yet, it is supposedly not enough. And apparently we need more for men, because there really aren't many.

If men have been getting abused all along, where have they been going?

Women go to shelters in order to seek safety from danger, but that threat has to be imminent--likely to occur at any moment; impending. At what point does that imminence expire?

Do we want a group of women [and children] who are in imminent danger all together under one roof? Wouldn't this situation put the other women--survivors and employees--in more imminent danger?

If a woman has a child by the perpetrator of violence, how can she ever be out of imminent danger without severing complete contact with either her child, or the perp?

Is it cheaper to house all survivors together and hire and train employees to support such a facility, than it is to give survivors the money to flee from danger and reestablish themselves?

When the imminent danger expires, if ever there is such a time, is the woman now safe? If so, how is that safety maintained?

Why are all the survivors locked up, hiding, isolated, invisible, and the perpetrators are living freely, integrated into society?

Where have all the abused men been going?

Perhaps they "successfully" integrate back into society, rising above their victimhood status, parading their masculinity along with the perpetrators.

And the women, are perpetual victims.

This is the way it has been set up so that women never get to participate fully as citizens, policy setters, and lawmakers.